Our beloved Zoroastrian House celebrated its 7th anniversary on the auspicious day of Adar-Mahino , Adar-Roj (22nd April). It was a morning of tradition, culture and fun in true Parsipanu style!

The morning began with a Jashan where Er.Percy Khambatta, Er.Zubin Dastoor, Er. Adil Antia and our young lads Er. Demavand Sethna  and Er. Ayaan Rumy Kanga provided a wonderful prayer service.

The prayer was followed with traditional serving of chasni and homemade ravo and malido prepared specially for the occasion.

The gathering was honoured by a fascinating talk by Mr. Dorab Mistry. In the world of business, Mr. Mistry is renowned for his expertise in the field of Palm Oil. But to the community he has spent years of tireless service as first a member and then nearly a decade as the President of the Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe.

The narration of the ZTFE story provided a refreshing reminder to our young minds of the rich heritage and culture that has helped build the proud reputation that Zoroastrians hold today. And reinforced  that the virtues of hard work, humility and benevolence are core values of our community – ones that we all should strive to pass on to our future generations.

After Mr. Mistry stirred up audiences’ intellectual appetite it was time for our most beloved tradition of all – Jamva Chalo Ji!!   An absolutely delicious Dhandar and mouth watering Sali-Boti was put together by our in-house masterchef Mr. Freddy Bavaadam for over a 125 people. Especial Patio for our veggie lovers and an array of desserts (kulfi, brownies and Mishti Dahi) were prepared by other members of the PZAS.

The event was indeed a grand success which was brought together by a lot of effort put in by the PZAS committee. Everyone went back home with their tummies full and hearts contented of blessings from our Zoroastrian House Dadgah!

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