The Parsi Zoroastrian Association of Singapore had a ball of a time at their Navroze celebrations filled with Fun and Fiesta!
The evening began with the blissful echoing of the children’s prayers led by Behroze Aunty. Then followed a warm and heart felt speech by people’s favourite, none other than our PZAS President, Mr. Neville Dotivala.  It is always a pleasure hear him speak in his jovial and unique style.
Next half hour saw everyone charmed and cheering the children …

Our Fantastic christmas Party with great food and fun for the children with Santa.
This year Santa came on a scooter and distributed gifts to all the good kids. The feast was unless with smoked leg of ham, sausages, garlic bread with cheese, yogurt salad, mac and cheese, shepards Pie and the traditional turkey with canberry sauce.
The dessert was homemade christmas cake with ice cream which was the icing on the cake. It was a great merry evening with …

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Nearly 200 members of the 350 strong Zoroastrian community in Singapore came together on the occasion of Navroz, August 17, 2019.
Singapore, commonly known as the Parsi Zoroastrian Association of Singapore (PZAS). The play Bawaji Na Gota-lah was enthusiastically performed by around 11 adults and 11 children. Additionally we had a lucky draw for a gara. Lastly, the second consecutive year we flew down chef Zubin Rupa from Bombay to cook Parsi food for the Navroz dinner.

It is our pleasure to invite the PZAS community with their family and friends to the 7th Anniversary Of Our Zoroastrian House.
Date: Sunday, 22nd April 2018
Venue:  Zoroastrian House
Time: 09:30 AM onwards
RSVP  : Email
We look forward to seeing you all.

It is our pleasure to invite the PZAS community with their family and friends to the 2016 Parsi New Year Lunch.
Date: Sunday, 21st August 2016
Venue: Singapore Swimming Club
45 Tanjong Rhu Rd, S-436899
Time: 11:30 AM onwards
Dress Code: Parsi Formal (Sarees/Garas/Daglis) We have a photographer at the venue to capture your beautiful moments.
Cost: Includes Wine
$60 Adult member (and visiting parents)
$30 Child (6-12 years)
$70 Adult guest
$35 Child guest
Free for all kids 5 years and below.

ZH celebrates it’s 5 anniversary on April 17.
To commemorate the auspicious occasion, we shall begin the day with a Jashan at 10am, followed with a talk by Ms. Shernaaz Engineer, the editor of Jame Jamshed.
As always, there will be a ghambar for community members.