Zoroastrian House

Inaugurated on April 17, 2011

Prayer Hall

The Zoroastrian House was inaugurated on April 17, 2011 at 83 Desker Road. The premises are a benevolent contribution by Homiyar Vasania, a prominent member of the community and a standing committee member.

The ZH is the only prayer hall in Singapore for Parsis and also serves as home to PZAS.

ZH is used for various purposes by the community, primary of them being weekly prayers every Sunday performed by in-house Ervad Percy Khambatta. Dr. Pesi Chacha assists by performing prayers every Behram Roj. The premises are also used to host monthly functions such as chaat parties, quizzes, karaoke nights and ghambars.

The 3 storey shophouse has the prayer hall on the ground level with a function room on the 2nd level and a children’s room on the 3rd and comes with a fully equipped kitchen.